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About MAP150
The Citizens League launched its Minnesota Anniversary Project “MAP 150″ in 2005 as part of its contribution toward launching Minnesota’s next 150 years. MAP 150’s goal is to improve Minnesota’s problem-solving capacity by developing tools and processes that place citizens more fully in the role of “co-producers” of the public good. It seeks to put into practice “the wisdom of crowds” in the public arena–processes virtually nonexistent in the public sector.

MAP 150 has wrapped up. See Demonstration Projects for examples of some of the activities that took place.

To read more information about the MAP 150 project, see About MAP 150.

MAP150 Citizen Survey
In order to reinvigorate a shared sense of the common good, people need structures that allow them to practice active citizenship. Results from a Citizens League survey shows that Minnesotans and public officials don’t see eye-to-eye on how our current problem-solving methods work. In fact, only one in two public officials and one in three Minnesotans think that current citizen involvement practices are a good use of citizens’ time!
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